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Lore is a literary speculative fiction, fantasy and horror zine publishedby Rod Heather and Sean O'Leary.

Heather and O'Leary released the first issue of Lore in June 1995 from Middletown, New Jersey, U.S.A. Nine issues appeared. Rod Heather was the editor.

Issue #1 included contributions from Ken Abner, Lawrence Barker, Harlan Ellison (Science Fantasy Bulletin), Andrew Kelly, Barbara Malenky, Brian McNaughton, Greg Messenger, Sherry Novembre, and Ray Stevens. Poetry was from Joseph M. Shea, and Brandon W. Totman (Contortions).

Issue #2, from Autumn 1995, featured contributions from Bob Crouch, Louise Dragon, Gerard Daniel Houarner, John McCabe, Christopher Morris, Fred Read, Chad Savage, and Ellen Straw. Poetry was by Darrell Schweitzer. Cover art was by Charles S. Fallis.

Issue #3 included the beginning of a 'Round Robin' story, "The Challenge From Below", with the first installment by Robert M. Price. #3 also included fiction by Donald Burleson, Tim Emswiler, Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire (Visions of Khroyd'hon, Midnight Fantasies), and Jeffrey Thomas. Poetry was by Danya D'Arcy. Cover art was by Richard Corben.

Issue #4, Spring 1996, included contributions of writing from Peter H. Cannon, writing Part 2 of "The Challenge From Below", as well as Mollie Burleson, Lawrence Barker, Reverend Daniel Clore, Bob Crouch, Charles Fallis, GAK, Wayne Miller, Tom Piccirilli (Epitaph), Wilum Pugmire, and Eric Schaller. Poetry was by Corrine DeWinter and John Grey. Cover art was by Roddy Williams.

Issue #5 saw the continuation of "The Challenge From Below" with a chapter by Donald Burleson, plus a collaboration by Peter H. Cannon and Robert M. Price, as well as fiction by Daniel Clore and Suzanne Robinson. Poetry was by Mollie Burleson and Ann K. Schwader. Cover art was by Richard Corben.

Issue #6, 1996, included contributions from Brian McNaughton, with the conclusion of "The Challenge From Below", and Rebecca Bates, Tony Cobb, Kendall Evans, William Scheinman, and Kirk Wagner. The Editorial was by Joseph Martucci. Poetry was by Linda D. Addison, and Mollie Burleson. Cover art was by Jamie Oberschlake.

Issue #7 included fiction by John Glasby.

Issue 9, 1998, included fiction by Thomas Brown, GAK, Earl Geier, Stefan Grabinski, Janet Hardison, William Laughlin, Miroslav Lipinski, Elizabeth Massie, Jamie Oberschlake, Chris Pelletiere, Wilum Pugmire, Patricia Russo, Ricardo Santagata, and Jeffrey Thomas, and poetry by John Grey and Wendy Rathbone.

The cover art work is by Thomas Brown, Richard Corben (as "Gore"), Wayne Miller, Jamie Oberschlake, and Roddy Williams. Interior art work is by Earl Geier, Allen Koszowski, Chris Pelletiere, Augie Wiedermann, Core, and Roddy Williams.

In 2011, Heather and O'Leary revived Lore as a professional magazine and website.

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