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Littlebrook is a science fiction fanzine by Suzanne 'Suzle' Tompkins and Jerry Kaufman.

Littlebrook is the follow-up zine to the two successful zines that Suzle and Jerry had previously released, The Spanish Inquisition in the 1970s, and Mainstream in the 1980s. Litlebrook was their return to publishing in the 2000s. This time they decided to do a smaller zine that would appear sporadically, whenever they felt like it. The first issue appeared in August 2002; the most recent issue, #8, was published in February 2911.

Contributors of art work included Brad Foster, Bill Rotsler, Stu Shiffman, Craig Smith, and Steve Stiles.

Photos were contributed by Stu Shiffman.

Contributors of writing included John Berry (Pot Pourri, The Damned Patrol), William Breiding (Star Fire), Terry Carey, Moshe Feder, Teresa Nielsen Hayden (Izzard), Andy Hooper (Chunga), Luke McGuff, Andi Schachter, Stu Shiffman, Bruce Townley (Oblong), Jim Young, and the editors.