Laughing Osiris

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Laughing Osiris was a science fiction and fantasy fanzine by Arthur Metzger.

Published in the 1970s. four issues of Laughing Osiris were released.

Contributors for articles included Reed Andrus.

Contributors of reviews included Leo Borgman, Don Carter, and Rocky Karlage.

Contributions of art work came from Dan Britt, Ray Garcia Capella, Terry Jeeves (ERG, The Damned Patrol), Bea Mahaffey, and Mike Streff (cover for #2).

Letters came from Robert Bloch, Frank Denton (Hoom), Buzz Dixon, Mike Glicksohn (Energumen), Dirk W. Mosig (The Miskatonic), Charlotte Proctor (Anvil), John Theil, and Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons).