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==External Link==
==External Link==
*[http://www.chicagopunkpix.com/LastRites/index.html Issues of Last Rites on-line (PDF)]]
*[http://www.chicagopunkpix.com/LastRites/index.html Issues of Last Rites on-line (PDF)]
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[[Category:Zine]][[Category:Zines from the U.S.A.]] [[Category:Illinois Zines]] [[Category:1980's publications]] [[Category:Punk]]

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Last Rites was a hardcore punk zine from McHenry, Illinois, U.S.A..

Created by Sean Duffy and Patti Pezzati, Last Rites was published in the 1980's. The zine begins with an editorial and included news of Illinois and mid west American bands. It featured interviews, record and show reviews, editorials and photos by editor Patti Pezzati. The editors were not shy about doing interviews with bands they did not especially like, such as the Bad Brains interview, who they claim were being "out and out assholes" the second time they say them play.

Issue one featured interviews with R.O.T.A. and The Exploited, and a reprint of Think About It..., a brief missive from the desk of Genesis P. Orridge. Issue four featured interviews with JFA, G.B.H., Toxic Reasons, CH 3, Bad Brains, America's Hardcore and Kraut. Issue five featured interviews with John Kezdy of The Effigies, Big Boys, End Result, Tar Babies, John Doe of X, Twisted Sister, Articles of Faith and a tour diary by Danny of Die Kruezen.

The Last Rites editors also released compliation tapes such as America's Dairyland, featurung the bands Die Kreuzen, Clit Boys, Tar Babies, I.N.R.I., N. F. O. D., SxUxMx, Sacred Order, Imminent Attack, Juvenile Thrash, Malignence, Distain and G.F.O., and put on shows in their town.

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