La Pierna Tierna

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La Pierna Tierna was a small press poetry publication by Loring Emery and Penny Towne.

La Pierna Tierna was published in the 1990s in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. it focused on a variety of poetry including science fiction, fantasy, specualtive, and horror poetry. At least seven issues were released. with issue 7 appearing in November 1996.

Contributors have included Joseph Allen, Mark Scott Bagula, Lisa E. Quillen, R.K. Singh, Susan Snowden, Geoff Stevens, Kiel Stuart, and Wade Tarzia.

Loring Emery and Penny Towne also published UpDare?. Loring Emery contributed his writing to publications such as Mindsparks, Scavenger's Newsletter, and The Vampire's Crypt, among others.

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