La Palabra

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La Palabra is a bi-monthly, cut and paste zine, based in New Jersey, U.S.A..

While some issues carry a specific theme, others are generally about music and drinking. Regardless of the theme, all issues contain a love/hate list, an alcohol related quote entitled "Last Call", an advice column called "Dear Crabby", and a "Back Cover" which is a picture of a female backside with the words "the end" attached to it. Contributors include James De'lia(Issue #1),Amanda Garcia(Issues #2&4), Scruff Cardinale(Issues #1,3&4) and Dave Slagle(Issues #1-4). Distribution locations for this free zine are local record stores, tattoo parlors, barber shops, bars, and Somerville Town Drunk shows.

Issue #1 aka "Congratulations It's A Zine" included a Post No Bills interview, an article about getting older and a Tom Waits album review

Issue #2 aka "These Colors Never Run(because their black and white) included a history of Jack Daniel and a 1980's base ball nickname all-star team(Ryne "Ryno" Sandberg anyone?)

Issue #3 aka "Third Times A Charm" included an interview with The Turnbucklers, a Metaskaphelies album review and an article entitled "What White Guys Shouldn't Do"

Issue #4 aka "The Food & Drink Issue" is in the works. Release date is Nov. 1st