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Latest News


Koogmo is published every other month or so. Except for the earliest back issues, you won't find Koogmo online. It's available in hard-copy only. Alternatively, you will find copies haphazardly distributed throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and other random places I happen to be visiting at any particular moment: laundromats, Greyhound bus stations, gas station restrooms, used-book stores, Hawaii, Mexico. (It depends on my mood, how far I'm willing to drive, and how dangerous a neighborhood looks.)

To order a hard-copy print version, send $1 (ONE DOLLAR!) to:



(Trades also accepted! Free to prisoners and other institutionalized individuals!)


Koogmo wants to make you famous

If you've got something you'd like to see printed within the pages of this fine, fine zine, mail it to the address listed above, or send it to the email address listed on my contact page.

I'm looking for short pieces (100 to 1,000 words) that are funny, quirky, or strange. Micro-fiction, weird fiction, bizarre anecdotes, stuff that the Reader's Digest would reject as being too risque or crude.

Payment: NOTHING. (Sorry, this is a home-grown effort.) I will, however, send you a few FREE copies! Be sure to include a return address with your submission.