Karigraphy: A Show-and-Tell About Calligraphy

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Karigraphy, December 2017

Karigraphy: A Show-and-Tell About Calligraphy is a is a one-issue topic zine created by Kari Tervo. It was published in California, U.S.A. in December 2017. It is 18 black-and-white digest-sized pages with a parchment paper cover and a multi-colored parchment inside-back-cover.

Karigraphy is a tour of calligraphy through the mind and calligraphy marker of Kari Tervo, who first learned calligraphy when she was in 6th grade. Tervo covers calligraphy basics, discusses her history with calligraphy through the years, and talks about the basic gear that one needs to write calligraphy. In her imperfect hand, Tervo shows you some of her practice letters and provides examples of five different calligraphy fonts. The cover is made out of parchment paper. The inside-back-cover doubles as a multi-colored parchment mini-poster. It exhibits an inspirational phrase that Tervo wrote in the Gothic font.


Etsy: Sweet Mayhem Zinery.


  • beehat2013@gmail.com.
  • Kari Tervo, P.O. Box 7831, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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