KART: Magazine Of Multiplicity

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KART: Magazine of Multiplicity is an edition of original artworks in a handcrafted folio box. Curated by David Dellafiora at Karingal Community Living, Geelong, Victoria, Australia. KART is produced in limited editions of 40, each box containing 15 artworks. 

KART, like other Field Study publications have been placed in international artistbook collections such as V&A National Arts Library, Tate, London and MOMA, New York.


KART 3 contains works from:

Australia: Sarah Guilfoil • Susan Marriott • F’nL Osowski • Ian Scarlett Germany: Susanna Lakner • Students from Paul Moor School Holland: Magda Lagerwerf Italy: Walter Pennacchi Mexico: Emilio Carrasco G. Spain: Miguel Jimenez UK: Students from The City of Bristol College Patricia Collins USA: Laura Dunn • Jean Graves • Alethia Hostetter • The Sticker Dude -Ragged Edge Press

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