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[http://www.jimgoad.net/hogshire.html "Jim Goad Will Be Free Soon Enough" by Jim Goad]
[http://www.jimgoad.net/hogshire.html "Jim Goad Will Be Free Soon Enough" by Jim Goad]
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[[Category:Zinester|Hogshire]] [[Category:Seattle Zinesters|Hogshire]] [[Category:Washington Zinesters]]

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Jim Hogshire is a writer and publisher of the zine Pills-a-Go-Go. His last known address was in Seattle, WA. He is the author of several books, including You are Going to Prison, Sell Yourself to Science and Opium for the Masses.

Much of Hogshire's writing focuses on drugs and the law, and his own drug use is well documented. In 1996, following an argument with author Bob Black, he was arrested for possession of opium poppies. Prosecutors attempted to use his writings against him in court, but he eventually beat the charges.

He is a practicing Muslim, and is noted for his unsolicited defense of Jim Goad on alt.zines.

Hogshire is no longer active in zines. As of summer 2006, his book You are Going to Prison has been optioned for a movie, which will likely be a comedy.

External Link

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"Jim Goad Will Be Free Soon Enough" by Jim Goad

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