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==External Links==
==External Links==
*[http://www.geocities.com/star_belly/index.html Jesus Missed His Period Official Website.]
*[http://www.geocities.com/star_belly/index.html Jesus Missed His Period Official Website.]
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[[Category:Zine]][[Category:New York Zines]] [[Category:2000's publications]]

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Jesus Missed His Period #1

Jesus Missed His Period is a feminist zine from Long Island, New York, USA.

Jesus Missed His Period: A zine for those bearing two X chromosomes

Jesus Missed His Period is comprised of essays, poetry, and artwork from today's girls who have a drive and passion to speak out and be heard.Instead of hating one another and resorting to animalistic and intense reactions, this zine serves as a place for young women to come together for their own relief. This cause is relieving to the times we live in and a way for girls of all races, sexual preferences, age, scene, location, etc. to express some of this fear, anger, happiness and oppression. This is a SAFE place for young women to openly express their disappointments in our culture and help themselves and other girls in the same boat. This is a place to admit something is wrong and embrace some sort of solution. Every girl who bares their soul, regardless of how in this zine, inspires eachother.This zine is just a way to relate to other girls and express an interested in telling their story to you, the reader, who will hopefully in some way reject Hollywood, self-hate, complaining, and embrace celebration. Jesus Missed His Period want to celebrate the fact that these total Betties are becoming familiar with their environment,pain, and healing. The zine has put out three issues so far.

Issue 2


The contributers are usually young women between the ages of 15-21. There is no particular theme that the zine revolves around. The contributers come from different parts of the United States and the worls. These young women write or create anything that comes to mind or what they consider important. They utilize this zine as a means of communication.

How to Access the zine

The zine is a PDF file that can be downloaded and read for free on your computer. In order to read the zine you need a program on your computer that supports PDFs. To download the zine you can visit the official website. To get earlier issues you must contact the editor at JMHPzine@hotmail.com

How to Contribute

If you are interested in contributing to this zine, please email your work to JMHPzine@hotmail.com. Please make sure you include the work's title and how you would like to be credited (your name, a pen name or anonymous).

About the Creator

Patricia Rodriguez (also known as Treesha) is an 18 year old college student who lives in Huntington which is located on Long Island, New York. She started the zine in her senior year of high school as a way of taking part in the feminist movement and in lives of the women in her community. Although she knows that this zine is a very small step in reviving the feminist movement, she feels that the smallest event can make the biggest different in anyone's life.

External Links