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Jessica Hopper was the editor of Hit It or Quit It, a Riot Grrrl zine. She is a former columnist for Punk Planet. A native of Minneapolis, MN, Hopper grew up in the affluent Kenwood neighborhood. She currently lives in Chicago.

Hopper became famous at the age of 16, after appearing in Newsweek and L.A. Weekly. This was followed by articles in Seventeen, City Pages, and The Minneapolis Star-Tribune (where her mother worked as an Assistant Managing Editor).

Jessica Hopper was a member of Minneapolis Riot Grrrl, but she and the other members of the organization had a falling out as the result of statements that Hopper had made to members of the mainstream press. Hopper was criticized for acting as a spokesperson for Riot Grrrl, which had, at that time, declared a media blackout.

While in high school, Hopper interned at Amphetamine-Reptile Records, and wrote zine reviews for Cake. She played bass in the Andromeda Strain.

Hopper has worked as a publicity agent for The Alkaline Trio, and other rising alternative acts. Her public relations company, Hopper PR (formerly Hyper PR), was founded in 1997.

Jessica Hopper continued to publish Hit It Or Quit It on an irregular basis after moving to Chicago.

Her writing has also appeared in Venus, Bust, Spin, The Village Voice, Pitchfork, and The Chicago Reader.

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