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Janus was a science fiction fanzine published in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A. in the 1970s.

Janus was edited by Janice Bogstad for the first four issues, who was then joined by Jeanne Gomoll as co-editor. Their fanzine was one of the first feminist sf publications. The name of the fanzine was later changed to Aurora; 26 issues were released in total, 18 under the original name of Janus. It was closely associated with the Wisconsin Science Fiction Convention, or WisCon, as the group behind the zine had started the convention, and some issues of Janus also served as program books for WisCon.

The editors met at The Madison SF Group, a science fiction group founded by Hank Luttrell (Starling), Lesleigh Luttrell (Starling, Quark), Jan Bogstad, Phil Kaveny and Tom Murn in 1974.

Contributors included John Bartelt, Tom Murn and Jessica Amanda Salmonson (Windhaven). Jeanne Gommoll and Georgie Schnobrich contributed art work. Interviews with Suzy McKee Charnas and Amanda Bankier (The Witch and the Chameleon) were featured. Harlan Ellison's (Science Fantasy Bulletin), A Statement of Ethical Position, published in 1977, prompted much debate in the pages of the zine: and, as outlined in his "Statement", in 1978 Worldcon Guest of Honor Harlan Ellison refused to stay in the con hotel, parking a rented RV at the curb, and spent no money while in the state because Arizona legislators hadn’t voted to approve the Equal Rights Amendment.

Janus was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine from 1978 through to 1980. Jeanne Gomoll was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist for 1978 and 1980.

Jeann Gomoll continued publishing zines in the 1980s with her title Whimsey.

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