It Goes On The Shelf

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It Goes On The Shelf is an electronic fanzine by Ned Brooks.

It Goes On The Shelf is created in Georgia, U.S.A., and hosted by 32 issues have been published as of 2011 and are available free online.

Back in the 1970s the editor did a zine called It Comes in the Mail which lasted 28 mostly bimonthly issues. He writes, "It worked on the basis that I would comment on everything pertaining to science-fiction and science-fiction fandom that I got in the mail. It died of success - with only an electric typewriter and a mimeograph machine, I could not keep up - the larger the zine got, the more came in the mail."

"It Goes on the Shelf" is a more modest effort, and is now published only once a year. It's mostly about books that the editor find interesting.

Included is cover art contributed by Harry Bell (Grimwab), Sheryl Birkhead, Donald Corley, Brad Foster, Alexis Gilliland, Alan Hunter, Tim Kirk, Linda Michaels, Gavin O'Keefe, Dan Steffan (Boonfark), Steve Stiles, and Taral Wayne (DNQ).

Illustrations are contributed by Sheryl Birkhead, Brad Foster, Sean Russell Friend, Alexis Gilliland, Alan Hunter, Ben Indick (Ibid), Rick McCollum, Julia Morgan-Scott, Phil Tortorici, Taral Waynem.

There is also a great deal of beautiful art reproduced from older publications including art by D. Bruce Berry, Hannes Bok, Donald Day, Julia McCune Flory, John Grossman, Con Peterson, Ralph Rayburn Phillips, Richard Teschner, ATomand others.

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