It's not ok to pretend everything's alright

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It's not ok to pretend everything's alright (2007) is an anarchist perzine by an anonymous Australian zinester.

The author introduces the zine as follows:

It's not ok to pretend everything's alright - it's an obvious line, the name of at least one song. Still, I went with it cos at the moment I just want simplicity. To be able to scream uninterrupted. Because so little seems alright that it can be overwhelming, and it is very personal and often just to survive we have to act, to pretend, to ignore. It's what this zine ios, my failure to often be able to communicate what I need to transmorphed into a nice little package. Some things repeat themselves very closely, but they were written months apart. I guess cops have been on my mind too much lately. But it's been strangely relieving doing this at the exact time of all the APEC crtaziness, even while it's added another thing to do.



Post: PO Box 4, Enmore, NSW 2042 Australia