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IndustrialNation is an industrial music fanzine.

IndustrialNation is edited by Vig Vigler. The first issue appeared in June of 1991, at which time 100 copies were produced. Since then this zine has grown, with 15,000 copies being released of the most recent issue, #18, published for the period of July - December of 2003.

Some of the bands covered in IndustrialNation over its lengthy period of publishing include Assemblage 23, Chris & Cosey, Christian Death, Covenant, Death In June, Front 424, Front Line Assembly, In Strict Confidence, KMFDM, Laibach, Legendary Pink Dots, NIN, Pigface, Rammstein, Shadow Project, Sisters of Mercy, Skinny Puppy, Switchblade Sisters, Survival research Labratories, Test Dept., and Thrill Kill Cult.

Prior to the increased popularity of the Internet, IndustrialNation was regarded as one of the premiere sources of information on goth and industrial music. These days, IndustrialNation has focussed more on its own website, which includes past interviews and a message board, rather than print issues, and has evolved into a webzine.


P.O.Box 2717, Oakland, CA, U.S.A. 94602 Fax 208-575-7234

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