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* [http://www.iprc.org IPRC site]
* [http://www.iprc.org IPRC site]
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IPRC Audio Zine

The IPRC Audio Zine is an audio CD of readings from Portland zinesters, as a fundraising tool for the Independent Publishing Resource Center.

Track Listing

  1. "First Zine" by Steve Gevurtz (Journalsong)
  2. "Mad Sick" by Ariel Gore (Hip Mama)
  3. "Thurston Elementary" by Dave Roche (On Subbing)
  4. "Spring" by Shoshanna Cohen (The Gulper)
  5. "Left Hanging" by Dan Howland (Journal of Ride Theory)
  6. "Books on the Bus" by Kate Lopresti (Constant Rider)
  7. "May 1st-7th" by Nicole Georges/Clutch McBastard (Invincible Summer/Clutch)
  8. "Ballad of Molly Brine" by Moe Bowstern (Xtra Tuf)
  9. "The Fat Person You Love" by Krissy Durden (Pony Boy Press)
  10. "Video Store Journal" by Mark Russell (The Penny Dreadful)
  11. "Marking Time" by Eleanor Whitney (Indulgence)
  12. "Between the Lines" by Alex Wrekk (Brainscan)

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