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Hot & Cold is a zine from Oakland, California, U.S.A., produced by Chris Duncan and Griffin McPartland.

Hot & Cold is a collaborative project involving a number of contributors and artists. The zine has evolved to incorporate an envelope stitched inside its back cover, which is filled with artist-made goods which have included CDs, DVDs, buttons, posters, cookbooks and calendars. Ten issues of the zine are planned. The editors have begun counting down from issue ten and, as of 2007, seven issues have been produced thus far.

Hot and Cold has included the work of contributors Jeremy Fish, Laurie D., Scott Hug, Rebecca Miller, Matt O'Brien, Mike Pare, Chris Pew, Kyle Ranson, Mary Joy Scott, Jen Smith, Paul Urich and Ryan Wallace.

Artwork from Hot & Cold was included in the exhibition The Zine Unbound: Kults, Werewolves and Sarcastic Hippies, which was held from October 7 till December 30 , 2005 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Hot & Cold was also one of the zines included in the exhibition No Need For Sleep: an exhibition of visual art by zine makers and the zines they produce, held in Madison, Wisconsin in October of 2006, and then in Milwaukee in November of that same year.

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