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Horizontal Action Magazine was an inspirational underground rock'n roll and sex publication that was around from 1997 to 2005 and published 15 issues.

The magazine published the first, or some of the earliest, interviews with bands like The Black Lips, Spits, Lost Sounds, Ponys, Reatards, The Clone Defects, Brides, Dirtbombs, Sexareenos, A-Frames, Hunches, Functional Blackouts, Tyrades, and many more. The two main editors, Uncle Ted and Todd Killings, now run VictimofTime.com and HoZac Records. Head photographer Canderson's live band photos made their biggest impact in HA, even causing people to uproot themselves and actually MOVE from hundreds of miles away to Chicago, to literally be 'closer to the action.' This resulted in bands forming like crazy, and an entire community of like-minded people with a wide range of influences and sounds (see Maybe Chicago? compilation). Some of which thrived immensely, but all releasing many records on labels from all sides of the globe eventually. The Horizontal Action staff also founded and hosted the Chicago Blackout Festivals from 2001 to 2006.

Back issues of the magazine are currently available online. An age statement is required to purchase the magazine.

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