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Hoom is a fanzine by Bee Bowman and Frank Denton.

Hoom was devoted to the works of author JRR Tolkien. The first issue was published in June 1968, with issue 2 following in September, and issue 3 in December of that same year. Hoom included articles, essays, film and book reviews, fiction, poetry, art work, and letters.

Contributors of writing included Gerald Bishop, Kate Bowman, Tova Inpyn, Paul Novitski (also known as Alpajpuri, editor of Carandaith, )Patrick Strang, and Joe Zalabak.

Contributions of poetry came from Michael Gilbert, Harriett Kolchak, Marie Laverty, and R.H. Racwain.

Artwork was by Bee Bowman, Ann Chamberlain, John Closson, Elaine J. Cooke, Frank Denton, Paul Novitski, and Joe Zalabak.

Letters came from Bob Foster, and Paul Novitski, among others.