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[[Category:Zine|Holy Titclamps]] [[Category: Queer]] [[Category: California Zines]]
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Holy Titclamps is a Queer zine published by Larrybob.

In her book DIY: The Rise of Lo-Fi Culture, writer Amy Spencer talks to Larrybob about the beginnings of Holy Titclamps in 1989. Larrybob says, "I was living in Minneapolis and in 1988 I found out about zines like Homocore and J.D.s. I'd been into punk rock, and I was out as gay, but didn't know many other people who shared both those interests. Those zines showed it could be done, but nobody else in my town was doing it." So Larrybob did.

Holy Titclamps was published in Minneapolis up until issue nine; after that Larrybob relocated and began publishing from San Francisco. There have been many contributors to Holy Titclamps so far; these include the writers Steve Abbott, Don Bapst, C. Bard Cole, Robert Gluck, Sarah Schulman, Glen Sheldon, Donny Smith, editor of Dwan, Joe Westmoreland, REB, editor of Fanorama, and comic artists Robert Kirby, Diane DiMassa, Robert Triptow, Quetzal, and Nick Leonard. The zine also included interviews such as the one with Tomata du Plenty of The Screamers. The last issue published was #19 in 2003.

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