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Hermenaut: The Digest of Heady Philosophy for Teens is a philosophy zine published by Joshua Glenn. The name derives from "Hermeneutics" (the study of theory). Despite the name, the writing was never aimed at teens. Rumor has it that the editors were trying to trick Sassy Magazine into naming it Sassy's "Zine-of-the-Month." (The full title was later shortened to "The Digest of Heady Philosophy.")

Each issue is devoted to a particular theme, using pop culture icons --such as Bruce Lee and Princess Diana-- as a means to discuss heady philosophy (e.g., "Camp").

The first issue of Hermenaut appeared in 1992. Hermenaut continues to be published sporadically, both in print on the Web. The editors took part in the 1996 Kill Zinesters Tour, and later relocated from Minneapolis, MN to Jamaica Plain, MA.

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