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Heckmeck was a science fiction fanzine published by Manfred Kage and Mario Kwiat.

This title appeared in the 1960s, with issue 12 released in 1966, and the announcement in this issue that Manfred Kage would be joined by Mario Kwiat, and that Heckmeck would be their joint publication, with all material signed with their identical initials, "M.K.". The front cover referred to them as a "Mini Cartel ala Fandom". The exception to the rule of the initials were Mario's drawings, which would be recognizably his.

Heckmeck was published in Germany, with some issues in English. The size was 8.5" by 11.5", and it was around 15 pages. Issue 16 was published in 1967. Issue 24 was released in January 1970. The 23rd issue of Checkpoint, from September 1972, announces the end of the fanzine: Heckmeck 26 (6pp:A4:x) Manfred Kage, Eduard=Spranger=Strasse 24, D-8000 München 45, Germany. (last issue) Manfred disappointingly says farewell to his English-language, international fanzine; but he'd still welcome fanzines and promises LoCs. The bulk of the issue deals with Eurocon I and its failure – very interesting, and enlightening, reading.