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Harley R. Pageot

Harley Raymond Pageot (born February 20, 1985) is a zinester living in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

Harley was born in Toronto where he lived until age fourteen when he moved to the suburbs of Oshawa. He discovered zines via the indiepop community and first purchases and inspirations included Bottle Rocket and Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams.

Harley created his first zine, an indiepop fanzine entitled Yard Sale!, in May of 2009. A second issue followed in August as well as a listzine called 100 Things I Love in October.

By this point more exposure to zines and a trip to Portland, Oregon had broadened Harley's spectrum. Not fully comfortable creating a pop fanzine, Harley's introduction to the zine Kissoff convinced him that what he really wanted to make was a perzine. Yard Sale! #3 came out November 2009 and featured a switch from half-page to quarter-page sizing as well as a noted content shift to perzine material, dropping all fanzine features. Yard Sale! 3 also featured a loose theme on the topic of autumn.

The preceding July had seen Harley start an arts collective called Broken Arts in Oshawa. This led to the publishing of a zine manifesto for the collective in November as well as the launching of the Broken Arts Fair, a zine/craft fair. Broken Arts would also wind up running a series of zine workshops in Oshawa at various coffee shops and libraries.

January 2010 featured the publishing of Super Cool Awe Some #1, a zine series documenting Harley's proto-zine life. The first issue featured highlights from notebooks and school assignments of Harley's from age 5 to 15.

Yard Sale! 4 - the "being single" issue - came out on Harley's 25th birthday on February 20, 2010. Yard Sale! 5 - the "you can go home again" issue - followed in April, as well as Yard Sale! 5.5 - the "it's new to me" issue. The spring 2010 issue of Broken Pencil also featured a pictorial profile on Harley.

Dear Jen, a series of letters written from Harley to a girl named Jen, was published in May and Broken Arts' first anniversary in July was celebrated with the zine Broken Arts: Year One which documents the entire first year of activity for the collective. Yard Sale! 6 - the "summer" issue - was a 24 Hour Zine Thing entry and came out in late July.

In August Broken Arts launched their own zine distro and Summer Tears #1, the first issue of a six-issue minicomic series written by Harley and drawn by Andrea Manica, was published late August 2010.

The Remnants was an ongoing slice-of-life/superhero comic that Harley had been writing for over a decade. With difficulty finding an artist to collaborate with Harley made the decision to reformat the series into prose instead. The lit-zine The Remnants - Chapter 1 was released September 2010 and is set to continue indefinitely.

Yard Sale! 7 - the "school & work" issue - and Why I Don't Eat Meat, a compzine edited by Harley featuring interviews with vegetarians both came out in October 2010.

Yard Sale! 8 is due out January 2011 and the second Broken Arts Fair is set for December 11, 2010.


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