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Hard Science Tales is a science fiction fanzine by Joyce Worley Katz.

Hard Science Tales was published in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. in the 2000s. It is an apazine distributed through SMAPS and is also availavle at eFanzines.com. Issue 1 was published December 24, with issue 2 following in January 25, issue 4 in April 25, and 1ssue 19, the last issue to date, was released February 2006.

Included are Joyce's memoirs, a fanhistory of the days of ODD fanzine, the fans in St. Louis, Missouri and OSFA (Ozark Science Fiction Association.

Contributions of art work come from Ross Chamberlain, and Alan White, with a reprint of a Ray Nelson illustration.

Photographs were contributed by Fred A. Levy Haskell.

Letters came from Jason Burnett, Jack Calvert, Don Fitch, Chris Garcia (The Drink Tank), Robert Lichtman (Trap Door), Hank Luttrell (Starling), Eric Mayer (E-Ditto), Lloyd Penney (Torus), Peter Sullivan, and mailing comments from Ayesha Ashley, Linda Bushyager (Granfalloon, Theresa Cochran, Lori Forbes, Charles Fuller, Arnie Katz, Laurie Kunkel, James Taylor, Marcy Waldie, and others.

Joyce Worley Katz had previously co-published the fanzine ODD from 1949 till 1969, and then Potlatch.

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