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*[http://www.gravyzine.com Official website]
*[http://www.gravyzine.com Official website]
[[category:zine|Gravy]][[Category:1990's publications|Gravy]][[Category:Zines from Canada|Gravy]]
[[category:zine|Gravy]][[Category:1990's publications|Gravy]][[Category:Zines from Canada|Gravy]] [[Category:Punk]]

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Gravy issue #3

Gravy, was a music zine published by Kary Cousineau and Samia Aladas during the 1990s out of Quebec, Canada.

Gravy was a thick 7" x 8.5" zine mostly focused on garage rock and punk. During the 1990s five issues were published. Each cover usually featured a band and lots of cut and paste band names letting the reader know who was featured inside. The contents were almost entirely band interviews, done in a question and answer style, and laid out very punk rock cut and paste.

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