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Issue 7 1969
Cover by Richard Delap

Granfalloon was a science fiction fanzine published by Linda Bushyager.

Linda Bushyager and Suzanne Tompkins published the first issue in 1966 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A, with a cover by Adrienne Fein. Suzanne Tompkins was co-editor for the first six issues. Twenty issues of Granfalloon were released, the last one in July 1976.

Writers include Piers Anthony, Ginjer Buchanan, Ron Bushyager, Grant Canfield, Jesus Cummings, Don D'Ammassa (Mythologies), Richard Delap, D. Dinucci, Jeff Glencannon, Mike Glicksohn (Energumen), Arnie Katz (FIAWOL), Jerry Kaufman (The Spanish Inquisition), Donald G. Keller, Damon Knight, Frank Lunney, Sandra Miesel, Ron Miller, Andy Offut, Jodie Offutt, Ted Pauls, Robert Silverberg (Spaceship), Jeff Smith, Darrell Schweitzer (Procrastination), Mae Strelkov, Bob Tucker (Le Zombie), Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons), Ted White (Stellar), Susan Wood (Energumen, Aspidistra, Amor), and Roger Zelazny.

Poetry was by Mike Gilbert and Darrell Schweitzer.

Artists include Alicia Austin (Kevas and Trillium), Bill Bowers (Outworlds), Eman Brown, Grant Canfield, Ross Chamberlain, Richard Delap, Steve Fabian, Connie Reich Faddis (Interphase), Adrienne Fein, Dick Flinchbaugh, George Foster, Mike Gilbert, Alexis Gilliland, Howard Green, C. Lee Healy, John Ingham, Terry Jeeves (ERG, The Damned Patrol), Eddie Jones, Jay Kinney, Tim Kirk, Sandra Miesel, Ron Miller, Pauline Palmer, Andy Porter (Algol), Terry Romine, Bill Rotsler, Jeff Schalles, Jim Shull, Steve Stiles, Dan Steffan (Boonfark), Walter Simonson, and Bernie Zuber.

Letters came from Don Ayers, Mike Deckinger, Alex Eisenstein, Bruce Gillespe (SF Commentary), Mike Glyer (later editor of File 770), Norman Hochberg, Fred Patten (Lefnui), and Alan Stewart (later editor of Thyme).

Suzanne Tompkins went on to publish the fanzine The Spanish Inquisition in the 1970s, Mainstream in the 1980s, and Littlebrook in the 2000s.

Linda Bushyagan also published the fanzine Karass in the 1970s.