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Goliard is a science fiction fanzine by Karen Anderson and Poul Anderson.

Goliard was published beginning in the 1960s in California. U.S.A., and running until the 1970s. The term 'Goliard' refers to a wandering minstrel or vagabond scholar in Medieval Europe, famed for the composition of satirical and ribald songs.

The 1963 issue of Goliard features the poems Ode to a Stuffed Owl and Hauteur by Fredric Brown, reprinted from his first book, Fermented Ink.

The April 1965 issue features the first publishing of Fredric Brown's 5 page biographical piece "It's Only Everything".

The February 1970 issue features four drawings by Richard Bergeron (Warhoon).

Goliard was distributed by the Fantasy Amateur Press Association.