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Gloss is a science fiction fanzine by Lilian Edwards and Victor Gonzalez.

Gloss was an 'international' fanzine, with editor Lilian Edwards in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Victor Gonzalez in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

The first issue came out in 2000 with contribtors Randy Byers (Chunga), Alison Freebairn, Andy Hooper (Chunga), and Christina Lake (Head). It also featured art work by Alison Scott (Plokta).

Of the first issue, Plokta says: ...Both Lilian and Victor write excellently, Lilian showing cause for thought about 60's fandom's attitudes to women, and Victor updating the Enchanted Duplicator legend in a piece where the content or style alone would commend it."

The second issue appeared in December 2000. It featured contributions from Dave Hicks, Andy Hooper with fanzine reviews, and Yiva Spangberg.

Issue 3 was released in 2001 and was the last issue.

In 2001, Victor Gonzalez won the FAAn Award for Best Fanwriter.

Lilian Edwards had previously co-edited the fanzine This Never Happens with Christina Lake.