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Girl Fiend was a zine by Cookie Tuff, published in Amherst, Ma., U.S.A. in 1992.

This publication was a perzine and Cookie wrote about her experiences in Amherst going to College. A number of issues of the zine were published.

In issue 4, Cookie writes about going to a Riot Grrrl meeting, and other peoples' misconceptions about it; going to a Queer Alliance meeting and feeling alienated and out of place; the difficulties she has coming out to her parents; getting the band Fifth Column to play at her College, and what seeing all-girl bands means to her; and starting her own band with friends, called "Bad Hair Day".

Girl Fiend was one of the publications featured in issue six of Outpunk, a compilation issue which featured zines that editor Matt Wobensmith felt had impacted the scene.

Cookie Tuff later moved to San Francisco and played in the band Subtonix.

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