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*[[Clark Ashton Smith - Artist]]
*[[The Miscast Barbarian]]
*[[The Miscast Barbarian]]

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Gerry de la Ree was a science fiction and fantasy fanzine publisher.

Gerry de la Ree began publishing fanzines in the 1940s. One of his earliest zines was Sun Spots V3 N2 in 1940, followed by The Scientifiction Scout in 1942 and Space Flight...When? in 1946. In 1948 he publishedLoki with co-editor Genevieve K. Stephens. Too issue s appeared, one in Spring 1948 and the next in Summer 1948.

In 1975 he published The Miscast Barbarian, subtitled "A Biography of Robert E. Howard". The biography was written by L. Sprague De Camp and the fanzine published by de la Ree.



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