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Gentle Graffiti is a small zine, based in Washington DC. Published in late 2005, and currently still running, it features illustrations, paintings, photography, music reviews, commentary, found materials and clippings, ramblings, stories, and poetry by various artists.

From Gentle Graffiti's web site comes this description: "I am a baby of a zine, I hope for a short shelf-life, to be handled by lots of folks, touched with kindness, and not to be tossed after the first ten minutes and never approached again. I am a wallflower for now. Secretly, I want to be loved for my appearances only. I am that shallow."

Gentle Graffiti currently has 3 issues released in print, as well as an online version that serves as an extension of the printed version from contributors Stephanie deSocio, Alison Schreck, Ross McDermott, and Lex Robertson.

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