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Gegenschein is an Australian fanzine by Eric B. Lindsay.

Gegenschein was first published in Faulconbridge, Hew South Wales, Australia in 1971.

Gegenschein began as a genzine but soon became a personal journal listing of all of Lindsay's recent fan activity, such as the fanzines he recently received, and several book reviews.

The fanzine only included contributions on rare occasions; contributors of writing included John Berry (Pot Pourri, The Damned Patrol).

Contributors of art work included Sheryl Birkhead, Brad W. Foster, Ian Gunn, Teddy Harvia, and William Rotsler, and Mel White. Contributors of photographs included Geri Sullivan (Idea) and Jean Weber (Weberwoman’s Wrevenge).

Letters came from Harry Andruschak, Tracy Benton (Wabe), Ruth Berman (SH - sf Fanthology), John Berry, Sheryl Birkhead, Pamela Boal, Redd Boggs (Sky Hook), Marty Cantor (Holier Than Thou), Susan Clarke, Buck and Juanita Coulson (Yandro), Al Curry (Gnomenclature, Quantum), Chester Cuthbert, Leigh Edmonds (The Notional, Rataplan), E.B. Frohvet (Twink), Bruce Gillespie (Dreams and False Alarms), Mike Glicksohn (Energumen), Judith Hanna (Fuck The Tories), Teddy Harvia, Andy Hooper (Chunga), Terry Jeeves (ERG, The Damned Patrol), Roy Lavender, Mark Loney (The Space Wastrel), Cheryl Morgan (Emerald City), Ray Nelson, Joseph Nicholas (Vector), Marc Ortlieb (Tigger), Lloyd Penney (Torus), John Purcell (In A Prior Lifetime, Askance), Garth Spencer, Mae Strlkov, Sue Thomason, Shelby Vick (Confusion), Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons), Taral Wayne (DNQ), Walt Willis (Hyphen).

Gegenschein was nominated for the 1973 Ditmar Award for Best Fanzine. It is included in the Susan Smith-Clarke Fanzine Collection at The National Library of Australia.

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