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Geek Weekly is a fanzine from Austin, Texas. It was started in 1994. Ten issues have been created, all digest size. The creator and artistic director of Geek Weekly is Jennifer LaSuprema. Her main collaborators are Susan LaInferioria and Steve Decon. The subject matter generally relates to the local Austin punk/art rock scene, but the staff is also somewhat obsessed with Memphis, Tennessee and it's musics. Various other topics are also considered, and many guest writers and artists have contributed, as well.

In the 1990s, one could come by issues of Geek Weekly at Sound Exchange record store, or in person from Jennifer LaSuprema or Susan LaInferioria (usually during the SXSW Music Festival). Some few issues saw limited distro.

No issues of Geek Weekly have been published for over a decade now, but a return to publication has not been ruled out. Viva Geek Weekly!