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Gargoyle by Michael de Angelis was a one-shot fanzine published by Michael de Angelis out of Brooklyn in Summer 1950. Michael DeAngelis was a member of The Fantasy Artisans Club, contributing to its Official Organ, Science, Fantasy, and Science Fiction.

Its content included "Memory" by H. P. Lovecraft.

De Angelis also published a booklet of a Clark Ashton Smith poem, The Ghoul and the Seraph, around the same time. De Angelis apparently drifted out of fandom very quickly, and not a trace of him has been found, which is a great shame, for he purchased a number of manuscripts from Clark Ashton Smith, including the unpublished story 'Red World of Polaris' - and no other copy of this is extant.

Note: The above information was supplied by Douglas A. Andreson and appears in The New Lovecraft Collector 19 (Summer 1997), p. 1

In more recent years, the typescript of 'Red World of Polaris' was rediscovered and published - see Clark Ashton Smith - Red World of Polaris - The Adventures of Captain Volmar edited by Ron S. Hilger and Scott Connors. (Night Shade Books, 2003). The introduction to this book supplies a little more information about Gargoyle. De Angelis was a young sf fan living in Brooklyn and in 1950 C A Smith sold the ms for 'Red World of Polaris' along with that for another story, 'Like Mohammed's Tomb', to de Angelis...Gargoyle merged with another fanzine called Asmodeus (1950s), which...soon ceased publication. De Angelis disappeared from the fan scene, taking the two Smith manuscripts - incredibly, Smith had sold him the only copies he had - along with him into oblivion...[Finally] in May 2003. Ronald S. Hilger located the co-editor of Asmodeus, Alan H. Pesetsky...who did locate a typed copy of 'Red World of Polaris' among a box of mementoes from his youth..."