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Fuh Cole is an anti-gay queer zine by Dave from Milwaukee.

The war begins in issue two as Dave attacks lesbians and gays campaigning to be allowed to serve in the military and tells them, "Don't fuck up a good thing while you have it, assholes." There is an article on David Wojnarowicz, letters from readers, and an editorial about living in Milwaukee and a request for ideas about a city to move to.

Issue three relates Dave's problems with Kinko's refusing to print his zine, and the ACLU declining to act on his behalf, and comes complete with a stamped envelope addressed to Kinko's so that readers can send hate mail. There is also criticism of the 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights; to the organization's letter explaining "How We'll Benefit From The March", Dave declares "WE WON'T!" Plus lots of letters from zinesters such as Vaginal Davis.

Issue four tells of Dave's trip to Toronto to attend Spew 3 and visit Double Bill editors Jena von Brucker, Johnny Noxzema, Rex, Caroline Azar and G.B. Jones. As well, Dave attacks Bob and Rod Jackson-Paris and says of their marriage; "It's everything that's wrong with america -church, state, family - and you're just diving into it head first". Featured is an extensive interview with author James Robert Baker.

The fifth issue of Fuh Cole documents Dave's trips to New York and Los Angeles. In L.A., Dave stays with James Robert Baker and experiences his first earthquake and meets Jim and Debbie Goad and wishes they could be his parents. Also included is an interview with Homocore Chicago founders Mark and Joanna. The Milwaukee 1994 Pride Guide asks Fuh Cole to place an ad and Dave wonders if they've ever read the zine. The featured interview in this issue is with Caroline Azar, co-editor of Double Bill and singer with Fifth Column.

Dave states in issue five that this is the last issue and that he's moving to Chicago.