Fuck The Tories

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Fuck The Tories Issue 4 (the top left corner where the title would be has been hidden by owner for display on online auction)

Fuck The Tories was a science fiction fanzine by Valma Brown, Leigh Edmonds, Judith Hanna, Terry Hughes and Joseph Nichols.

Fuck The Tories was released in the 1980s, and was a tri-continental publication, with Valma Brown and Leigh Edmonds representing Australia; Judith Kanna and Joseph Nichols representing the UK, and Terry Hughes, the U.S.A.

Contributors included Sherry Francis, Gwyneth Jones and Jimmy Robertson.

Valma Brown and Leigh Edmonds also co-edited The Notional and, with Diane Bangsund, Rataplan. Terry Hughes was the Assistant Editor of Science Fiction Five Yearly.