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Frontier is a science fiction fanzine.

The first issue was released in July 1940, edited by Donn Brazier from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. Frontier was the official organ of the Frontier Society, a science based Fortean group, whose director was Paul H. Klingbiel, of West Bend, Wisconsin, U.S.A. For issue five, Philip Schumann assumed editorship, and Donn Brazier became associate editor. Paul Klingbiel became editor with issue six. Issue 7, released January 1942, may be the last issue, according to Harry Warner, Jr., writing in "All Our Yesterdays".

Contributors included Forrest J Ackerman (Voice of the Imagi-Nation), writing on the need for Esperanto; Loretta A. Beasley, contributing "Some Experiences of a Professional Seeress"; Jack Brandon, with the story "The Devil's Prayerbook"; August Derluth, writing on H.P. Lovecraft; Ron Holmes, giving an account of an air-raid in "Fritz and his Blitz"; Hazel I. Shull, writing on the Pennsylvania Dutch beliefs; Clifford Simak, on writing science fiction; George Tullis, with a short story; Morris A. Wolf, writing on Omar Khayyam's philosophy, and George Wetzel.

Donn Brazier went on to publish the fanzine Title from 1972 till 1977, and Farrago from 1975 till 1978.

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