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Freezer Burn Magazine was a small press publication edited by David G. Rogers.

Published in the 1990s. Freezer Burn Magazine originated in Salem Massachusetts, U.S.A. The first issue appeared in Summer 1995. The magazine was subtitled, "Speculative Fiction That Explores The Boundaries Of Human Nature."

Cover art work was by Richard Dahlstrom (#2), Bob Crouch (#3), Cathy Buburuz (Champagne Horror) (#4), Jeffrey Thomas (#5, #7), Roddy Williams (#6, #8), Paul Swenson (#9), and Alfred R. Klosterman (#10).

Contributors of fiction included Jeff Berkwits, Mark Blickley, Lisa Jean Bothell, Stepan Chapman, Gryggyd Eamon Dempsey, Ken Goldman, Louise Dragon, Gordon A. Graves, Ralph Greco, Jr., Robert B. Heath, Christopher Hivner, D.F. Lewis, Barbara Malenky, Lyn McConchie, Kurt Newton, Nikki Patrick, Todd Powell, Beecher Smith, Chris Squire, Paul Walther, and Heather G. Wells.

Contributors of poetry included Nancy Bennett, Dan Buck, Donna Taylor Burgess (The Blue Lady), G.O. Clark, Deidra Cox, Corinne De Winter, John Grey, Valerie Hardin, Laura Jacobsen, Marguerite Mullaney, H.T. Phair, Angel Reign, William P. Robertson, Ru Schmitt, Joseph M. Shea, Shauna Skye, Cleve Taylor, Brandon W. Totman, and Mary Winter.