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* SCREE (Handmade/Literary)
* SCREE (Handmade/Literary)
* Penny Sharp (Artist/Zinester)
* Penny Sharp (Artist/Zinester)
* Anything Anymore Anywhere (Poetry and Prose)
==External Links==
==External Links==

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A promotional image used to promote the fair.

The Free Hetherington Zine Fair is a zine, small press and independent publishing fair to be held on 2nd June 2011 (3pm-7pm) in Glasgow, Scotland. It is part of an ongoing student occupation of a university building.

According to the Free Hetherington's blog, "the upstairs space at the Free Hetherington will host the work of zinesters and indie publishers from Glasgow and beyond. Loads of zine genres will be on display and available to buy or swap: anarchist, feminist, queer, craft, culture-jamming, anti-consumerist, student activist, punk, environmentalist and more. We’re expecting tables from New Escapologist, Kleinzeit and the celebrated Lock Up Your Daughters. The event aims to get zinesters of all stripes together, to get some lovely radical ink onto Glaswegian fingertips, and to contribute to the occupation. Come along and see a nice cross-secion of the local zine-o-sphere and indie publishing experiments."

The event is being organised by Robert Wringham of New Escapologist magazine.

Some confirmed dealers

  • Aye-Aye Books (Indie Bookshop and Zine Stockist)
  • Lock Up Your Daughters (Queer)
  • New Escapologist (Humour/Political)
  • Paul Jon Milne (Artist/Zinester)
  • Kleinzeit (Humour/Poetry)
  • Gutter (New Talent)
  • Edward Ross (Zinester)
  • Team Girl Comic (18-strong Superzinester power squad)
  • Glasgow Writer's Federation (New Talent)
  • Variant magazine (free pop-cultural newspaper)
  • Helen Wright (Zinester)
  • Marceline Smith (Zinester and Distro)
  • Graham Fulton (Poetry)
  • Beard (Music magazine)
  • The Scotch Egg (Title TBC, Politics/Humour)
  • SCREE (Handmade/Literary)
  • Penny Sharp (Artist/Zinester)
  • Anything Anymore Anywhere (Poetry and Prose)

External Links