Forerunner Quarterly

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Forefunner Quarterly
Issue 2 October 1975
Cover art by William Rotsler and Terry Jeeves

Forerunner Quarterly was a science fiction fanzine edited by Susan Smith-Clarke, and published in Australia.

Issue 2 was released in October 1975 and was 42 pages, mimeographed. It featured ann editorial by Sue Clarke, and the articles “Chinese Communist Comics” by Diane Southgate; “Peace,” short fiction by Sue Clarke; “Alien Minds: The Lousy Jay” by John J. Alderson; “The Hobbit Habit” by Jon Noble; “Now Perhaps Somebody Will Write the Book of the Film,” a column by A. Bertram Chandler; fanzine reviews by Sue Clarke; “Fairy Fields of Old and Gold” by Kevin J. Dillon; “Book Rack,” reviews by Max Taylor; “Fifth Column: The Science Fiction Book” by Blair Ramage; “From Space” by Margot Verne; and poetry by Cathleen Petrini.

“Loc it to me,” the letter-column, included correspondence from Margot D’Aubbonnett, Dave Rowe and John J. Alderson.

Front cover art was by Bill Rotsler and Terry Jeeves (ERG), back cover by Keith Curtis; interior illustrations by Gail Barton (Eridani Triad), Sheryl Birkhead (The National Fantasy Fan), Sue Clarke, Arto Heino, Terry Jeeves, Shayne McCormick (Terran Times, Wombat), Paul Powers and Rotsler.

Susan Smith-Clarke also published the fanzines Ark (with Ron Clarke), Beyond Antares (with Joanne Keating), Chronicles, Girl’s Own Fanzine, and Medtrek.