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Foofaraw was a science fiction fanzine by Fred Patten.

Fred Patten writes about Foofaraw in his A[azine Rabanos Radiactivos! #34, June 9, 1965, " was exactly four years ago tonight that my first fanzine, FOOFARAW #1, rolled off the old Gestetner at te bygone Fan Hillton. FOOFARAW is still appearing in N'APAl the next issue, which should be finished nest week for the June mailing of that quarterly APA, will be #16."

Contributors of art work included Margaret Dominick (DEA)|Margaret Dominick]].

Fred Patten was one of the editors of Shangri L'Affaires, for the year 1961, and put out the 7th and final issue of Ipso Facto. He also published the fanzines Lefnui, and the long running apazine Rabanos Radiactivos! for APA-L, for which he produced 2279 issues, and was included in every mailing from 1964 till 2009. He belonged to the Apa devoted to comic books, CAPA-alpha, for which he produced Heavy Water, and was the Official Editor of Rowrbrazzle from February 1989 till February 2005, as well as writing a column for Yarf!. He also founded Cerebus the Newsletter in 1981, editing the first 5 issues.

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