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*[http://fluxxii.com Homepage of ''Fluxxii Distro'']
*[http://fluxxii.com Homepage of ''Fluxxii Distro'']
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Fluxxii is a mental health distro based in Ohio, USA.

The distro was founded in 2009 and is based near Cleveland. It stocks zines that act as alternative resources on mental health. It also stocks perzines, feminist zines, and activism zines.

The mental health zines including topics about sex and gender, illness, medication, disability, and more.

People behind Fluxxii are always on the hunt for new zines and other things to add to their catalog. They mainly look for submissions relating to mental health, directly or indirectly, that encompasses a huge variety of topics.


  • Neither Doll Houses nor Tree Houses: On Living Outside of the Gender Binary
  • You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania
  • Damaged Mentality
  • Functionally Ill
  • Volthair
  • Here. In My Head.

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