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In her zine Figure 8, Krissy writes about sizism, fat acceptance and The Body Revolution. The zine is based in Portland, OR, USA.

Issue 1 was a one pager that was made for the first Portland Zine Symposium in 2001. Issue 2 came out in 2003 in time for the first [FatGirl Speaks] in Portland. Issue 3 came out in 2005 and there was an issue 3.5 in 2006. Issue 4 was first published in 2007.

Krissy is [PonyBoy Press]. PonyBoy Press also produces the zines Imaginary Life and Paper Crush, along with lots of crafty items.

Krissy was an organizer for a couple years of both the Portland Zine Symposium and FatGirl Speaks.