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*[http://myhome.iolfree.ie/~damplands/ website with all issues available to read]
*[http://myhome.iolfree.ie/~damplands/ website with all issues available to read]
[[Category:Zine]][[Category:Website]][[Category:Zines from Ireland]]
[[Category:Zine]][[Category:Website]][[Category:Zines from Ireland]][[Category:2000's publications]]

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Fed-up is published by Irish zinester Gerry Orchard. It's a small zine with a simple look; the content is mostly text, with a few line drawings. Each article features a new topic that Gerry or a contributing author is fed-up with. Examples in Issue #7 include fed-up lifestyle, fed-up cycling, fed-up publishing (where the author laments the decline of paper zines), fed-up computing, fed-up broadcasting, and fed-up editorial. The zine often has a crusty tone, but ultimately comes off as light-hearted, rather than depressing.

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