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[[Image:Faun.jpg‎|right|frame|'''Faun''' Issue 13 1967]]
'''Faun''' is a comic fanzine by Gene Klein.  
'''Faun''' is a comic fanzine by Gene Klein.  

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Faun Issue 13 1967
Faun Issue 13 1967

Faun is a comic fanzine by Gene Klein.

Faun was published in the 1960s in New York, U.S.A., by a teenage Gene Klein, who later changed his name to Gene Simmons, and was a member of the band Kiss.

Faun had previsouly been named Cosmos. It eventually merged with Stilletto fanzine, and became Cosmos-Stilletto with issue #7. At least 13 issues of Faun were released. It was with issue #13 in 1967 that the title was changed to Faun. By March of 1968, Gene Klein stopped publishing Faun and had traded his rexograph machine (ditto machine)to Seth Gogramajian, editor of Exile, for a Silvertone guitar amplifier.

Faun included contributions of artwork from John Boland, Jim Cawthorn,and Dick Flinchbaugh.

It also included "How to Edit a Fanzine" by Randall Harris.

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