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Farrago is a science fiction fanzine by Donn Brazier.

Published in St. Louis. Missouri, U.S.A., nine issues of Farrago appeared in the 1970s, beginning in 1976.

Contributions of art work came from Simon Agree, Claire Beck (The Science Fiction Critic), Sheryl Birkhead (The National Fantasy Fan) (cover #1), K. Allen Bjorke, Donn Brazier, Grant Canfield, Chuck Groth, D.R. Haugh, Shari Hulse, Terry Jeeves (ERG), Mike Kranefuss, Vic Kostriken, Alan Lankin, Eric Mayer (later editor of E-Ditto), John Ryan, Mike Scott, Danny Strelkov, and Bruce Townley (later editor of Oblong) (cover #2).

Contributors of writing included Frank L. Balazs, Robert E. Blemheim, Andrew Darlington (Ludd's Mill), Paul Di Filippo, Stephen H. Dorneman, Eldon K. Everett, Cathryn Gebhart, Stuart Gilson, Loay Hall, Ben Indick (Ibid), Jon Inouye, Eric Lindsay, Wayne W. Martin, Mark R. Sharpe, Richard S. Shaver (The Shaver Mystery Magazine), Michael T. Shoemaker, Roger D. Sween, Paul Walker, Richard A. Wilber, and Neal Wilgus.

Fiction was by Jeff Hecht, Eric Mayer, Richard Brandt (later editor of Fanthology '87), Gail White, and Richard Wilber.

Contributors of poetry included Rich Barucci, and Neal Wilgus.

Letters came from Don D'Ammassa (Mythologies), Dirk W. Mosig (The Miskatonic), Steve Sneyd (Data Dump), and Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons), among others.