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'''Fantasy Macabre''' was a literary zine devoted to fantasy and terror fiction.  
'''Fantasy Macabre''' was a literary zine devoted to fantasy and terror fiction.  

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Fantasy Macabre was a literary zine devoted to fantasy and terror fiction.

The first issue of Fantasy Macabre appeared in 1980. The first two issues were published by Dave Reeder in London, UK. Richard Fawcet took over publishing duties with issue 3, released in 1982 in Uncasville, Connecticut, U.S.A., although Dave Reeder remained editor. Starting in 1985 with issue #5, the editor of Fantasy Macabre was Jessica Amanda Salmonson, continuing until the last issue, #17, released in 1996. The subtitle for this period was , "Beauty plus Strangeness eguals Terror".

Contributors included Robin Ansell, Allen Ashley, Ruth Berman, Michael Bishop, Michael Bracken, John Bradley, Joseph Payne Brennan (Macabre), Michael Bullock, Mary Elizabeth Counselman, David Cowperthwaite, Colleen Drippe, Jules Remedios Faye, Grant Fjermedal, Janet Fox, James Grandillo, Stephen Gresham, Richard L. Hansen, James B. Hemesath, K. Huebner, Stephen Jones, Phyllis Ann Karr (The Literary Magazine of Fantasy and Terror), Marvin Kaye, Tanith Lee, Thomas Ligotti, Jane Mickelson, Tony Patrick, Wilum Pugmire (Midnight Fantasies, Old Bones), Carol Reid, Michael Nicholas Richards, Archie N. Roy, Peter Tremayne, Scott H. Urban, Bobby G. Warner, Susan Lilas Wiggs, and Karen Young.

Also included were translations of European authors such as Erckmann-Chatrian, translated by Phyllis Ann Karr; Judith Gautier, translated by Ruth Berman; Gustav Meyrink, translated by Michael Bullock, and Jan Weiss, translated by Cyril Simsa.

Cover artists included Dave Carson, Emmanuel, Lawrence Housman, D.L. Hutchinson, Allen Lewis, and Denis Tiani, among others, with illustrations by Alan Hunter, Steve Jones, Allen Koszowski, Russ Nicholson, Dave Reeder, Hudson Shaw, and Leslie Skingle.