Fanatic Fanzine

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The Fanatic Fanzine
Issue 1 Winter 1950
Cover art by Bobby Pope

Fanatic Fanzine was a science fiction and fantasy zine edited and published by Bobby Pope in Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.A.

It appears that only two issues were released, the first in Winter 1950 and the second in July 1951. According to Pavlat and Evans' original edition of Fanzine Index"' issue 3 was re-titled Fanatic Zine, and appeared in February 1952.

The first issue had contributions from Pope, Lee Hoffman (Quandry, Science Fiction Five Yearly), and others. Cover art was by Pope.

The second issue featured fiction by A. Charles Catania and Dave English (Fantasias); poetry by Tom Covington (Bizarre), Terrence Heywood and Orma McCormick (Starlanes); nonfiction by Lee Hoffman, Bobby Pope and Neil Wood; a crossword puzzle by Redd Boggs (Sky Hook); and letters. Art was provided by Pope and Lee Hoffman.

Lee Hoffman announced the first issue in the pages of Quandry; "Thumbing thru fmz received recently we find several new ones. FANatic FANzine from Bobby Pope - SW Hill & Hanover Sts - Charleston, S. C. A quarterly which sells for 15¢ a copy FAN FAN is the O-O of no organization."

Bobby Pope also published the fanzine Hyla.

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