F.O.D.! Maggotzine

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F.O.D.! Maggotzine was a zine released by Urania 235 from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The first issue of this zine was released in 1989, and a couple of issues followed in the 1990s. It was a photocopied, cut and paste zine with each issue having a different coloured cover. It is a large size zine (8 1/2 by 11 inch) which it uses to feature full page illustrations and comics, along with articles, stories, interviews and many clippings of the strangest and most bizarre events reported on in newspapers and magazines. The editor is a tattoo artist, so the zine also includes many photos of his artistry. There are also many reviews of recordings, magazines, books, and comics.

The first issue was co-produced with Amy Grant and Dead. In issue two, the editor explains how they have both quit over the content in issue one, specifically an illustration by Urania 2235. Controversy apparently also arose with readers over material on Satanism. The editor promises more gratuitous violence, unnatural sex acts, and blasphemy to come.

Issue two features a red cover with art work by the editor. Inside, along with the features mentioned above, are the articles "The Futens: Plastic Hippies of Japan"; an article on phone sex work by Saint D. von Provokita; "You Think You Have A Shitty Job?" by D. Picciottoli; "Richard Kern Gets Lucky", fiction by Lynna Landstreet; interviews with the bands Nuclear Death and Sacrifice; "A Level Above Nature" by the Abominable TV Snowman, about Wilhelm Reich, Aleister Crowley and UFO Conspiracies; the comics "Coffee Drinking Man" by Geoff Gilmore and Danny Hellman; "The Radical Geographic" by Rian Piccolo; "If I Had A Gun" by J. Deagnon; and artwork and illustrations by A.T.V.S.M., Ehell, Chris Gehman, G.B. Jones and Richard Konik.